Welcome to OrganiKids

Organikids Childcare Centre is Perth’s first holistic organic childcare centre. Organikids is a small 36 place centre situated in Bassendean.

The centre itself is a rustic, natural and 'homely’ envi-ronment, with the building structure being an old house. This creates a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes families and children feel comfortable and at home.

The house is divided into two separate sections creating our Pre-Kindy & Kindy Rooms. We also have 2 separate garden and play areas for each age group and our own kitchen.

Organikids provides 4 meals a day for our children including breakfast meals, a cooked lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We source as much organic produce as possible, as well as using our own from our vegetable patches.

Organikids is a wheat, nut and dairy free centre. And our chef caters for all food allergies and a range of dietary requirements: i.e. vegan and vegetarian children and staff.

Our centre yards include real trees, lush grass and vegeta-ble and herbs gardens that the children help to tend to. We also complete and plan projects and features to add to our gardens with the help of staff, children and families.

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