Our Rooms

Pre-Kindy Room (18 months—2.5 years)

The Pre-kindy Room is home to 13 toddlers on a daily ba-sis. They thrive and enjoy a lovely environment with a tall mulberry tree, tyre swing, sand pit and a herb garden being some of the features of the yard that allows the discovery learning to emerge.

The Pre-Kindy room consists of 1 large room with a quiet lounge area, a dining area and play stations as well as stimulating free-play activities.

It also has a built in changing area, a smaller focus room that leads into a spacious activity area that is turned into a cosy sleep room during the day.

Kindy Room ( 2.5 years—5 years)

The Kindy Room caters 23 children and is consistently bursting with energy. The kindy children are never far from adventure with a large yard, vegetable patches, sand-pit and numerous other stimulating features and activities set up and created by the educators and children on a daily basis.

The kindy section of the house includes: a spacious foyer area, the kitchen, a set up dining area and a large focus & activity room that also transforms into a cosy sleep room during the day.

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